Governors Manual

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NAME : The official name of the organization is Country Coordinating Mechanism Sri Lanka (CCM)
ADDRESS : The official address of the organization is Ministry of Health, Colombo 10
SCOPE OF THE ORGANIZATION : Non profitable, Non political, Voluntary Organization, established for the purpose of coordinating development and submission of proposals, to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (GFATM), and monitoring all aspects of projects in Sri Lanka funded by GFATM.
GEOGRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION : Organization will work at the National level.
01. Long term
To coordinate development of suitable proposals through a public- private partnership, for submission to the GFATM, to obtain funds, and to oversee the proper utilization of such resources with a view to mitigate the impact caused by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Sri Lanka.
02. Short term
2.1 Focus on the creation, development and expansion of partnerships among all relevant players within the country, and across all sectors of society, including governments, NGO, civil society, multilateral and bilateral agencies and the private sector;
2.2 Strengthen the participation of communities and people, particularly those affected by the three diseases;
2.3 Build on existing coordination mechanisms, and promote new and innovative partnerships where none exists;
2.4 Ensure transparency and accountability;
2.5 Aim to minimize stigmatization of and discrimination against those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, & TB, especially for women, children and vulnerable groups.
2.6 To incorporate in decision making, those representing interest of persons living with HIV/AIDS and TB and those affected by malaria infections, including direct participation of person living with HIV/AIDS.
01. Coordinate development of proposals and decisions on allocation and utilization of Global fund financial resources. To achieve this the grant proposals will be coordinated among a broad range of stakeholders through the country coordinating mechanism (CCM), and the CCM will monitor the implementation of approved proposals
02. To facilitate an understanding among partners, of the vision of the Global Fund.
03. Build on national programs for specific diseases (e.g. national STD/AIDS control program, national program for TB & control of chest diseases, and Anti Malaria Campaign) and National Health Strategies, and be linked to broader national coordination efforts including Poverty Reduction and Sector Wide Approaches (SWA).
04. Coordinate the submission of one national proposal for funding, drawing on the strengths of various stakeholders to agree on strategy, identify financing gaps in achieving the strategies based on existing support, prioritize needs, and identify the comparative advantages of each proposed partner;
05. To ratify regional proposals submitted to GF.
06. Select one or more appropriate organization(s) to act as the principal Recipient(s) (PR) for Global Fund Grant;
07. Monitor the implementation of activities under the Global Fund approved programs, including recommending to GF, for their approval, any major changes in implementation plans as may be necessary;
08. Evaluate the performance of theses programs, including the performance of Principal Recipient/s in implementing a program, and submit a request to the GF, for continued funding prior to the end of phase 1 of an approved programme.
09. Ensure linkages and consistency between the Global Fund assistance and other development and health assistance programs in support of national priorities.
01. Patron shall be the Minister in charge of the subject of Health
02. The membership shall not exceed 25 at anytime.
03. The members representing the Government sector shall not exceed 10 at any given time.
04. Members representing the Non Governmental Organizations shall not be less than 13 at any given time.
05. Members representing the Non Government sector must be selected / elected by their own sector (s) based on a documented, transparent process, developed within each sector.
a. He or she shall cease to be a member of the CCM by death, physical or mental incapability, and insolvency.
b. Upon receipt by the CCM in writing of his or her intentions to resign from the membership and signed by the member.
c. Upon a member failing to observe any rules and regulations or decisions of the CCM and / or if a member acts against or the actions are detrimental to the interest of the CCM, and having passed a resolution by majority of 2/3 members of the general body, such member shall cease to be a member.
d. Any member of the CCM who fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings without a valid reason that would be accepted by the CCM, shall be deemed to have vacated his/ her membership. .
A Member will cease to have voting rights, on becoming a PR or SR.
Election of Office Bearers
01. Each CCM should elect a Chair, and a Vice Chair in accordance with the election procedures determined by the members of CCM. The Chair and Vice Chair should be elected from different sectors.
02. Office- bearers shall hold office for two years. Any office bearer may be re-elected.
CCM Composition
01. The composition pattern and development of organizational structure should be at the discretion of the CCM, based on GF guidelines, considering the local context.
02. CCM should endeavor to include the following actors in their CCM
Academics/Education sectors
NGO`s/community based organizations
People living with HIV/AIDS, and people representing the interest of TB and Malaria patients.
Private sector
Religious/faith based Organizations
Multilateral and bilateral development partners in the country
Frequency of Meetings
The CCM shall meet at least every other month, with provision to have additional meetings if so required.
Quorum for Meetings
The quorum for a meeting of the CCM shall be 8.
01. CCM should function as a national consensus group to promote true partnership in the development and implementation of Global Fund support programs and fully transparent in its decision making.
02. All members of the CCM should be treated as equal partners in mechanism, with full rights to participation, expression and involvement in decision making in line with their areas of expertise.
03. All CCM members should act with mutual understanding, respect and maintain a cordial environment during the CCM meetings.
04. The government representatives on the CCM should be mandated by, and represent the views of, an report back to the senior leadership of the Government.
05. CCM should be responsive to all national stakeholders, Individuals members should hold regular meetings with their constituents to ensure that representative views and concerns are expressed in the national forum.
06. CCM should ensure that all relevant actors are involved in the process and provide transparency to the general public. As such, it is responsible for ensuring that the information related to Global Fund, such as Calls for Proposals, decisions taken by CCM, and detailed information on approved proposals for funding, is disseminated widely to all interested parties in the country.
07. CCM should determine the details of its functioning, including organizational structure, election procedures, frequency of meetings, terms of reference etc.
08. CCM should document its organizational structure to ensure transparency.
09. To establish mechanism to include representation from the provinces/districts either through direct geographical representation in national CCM or through mechanisms such as sub national CCM or provincial- level committees.
10. CCM should put in place and maintain a transparent, documented process to nominate the Principal